Below is the Wendys Menu:

What is Wendys?

Wendys is an American Fastfood Chain with stores Internationally. With Over 6.711 Stores Domestically and internationally.

What year did Wendys open?

1969, Ohio, United States

Wendys online delivery information

Ubereats, Grubub, & Doordash all provide online delivery.

Average Wendys opening times

Monday: 6:30 AM – 11 PM
Tuesday: 6:30 AM – 11 PM
Wednesday: 6:30 AM – 11 PM
Thursday: 6:30 AM – 11 PM
Friday: 6:30 AM – 11 PM
Saturday: 6:30 AM – 11 PM
Sunday: 6:30 AM – 11 PM

Wendys Contact information.

Telephone: 1.888.624.8140
Email: Contact Us | Wendy’s
Head Office Adress: 1 Dave Thomas Boulevard, Dublin, Ohio, U.S.

Do all Wendys Stores have the same Menu and Pricing?

No, expect very similar pricing and menu items, however there will be slight menu differences due to promotional items. We get our menu information from large cities to ensure you have a rough idea on price and it will be no more expensive than what we list.

Below is the Wendys Menu


Daves Single$9.04$9.86$10.33
Daves Double$10.45$11.27$11.74
Daves Triple$11.98$12.80$13.27
Son of Baconator$10.10$10.92$11.39
Grilled Chicken$9.74$10.56$11.03
Spicy Chicken$9.74$10.56$11.03
Big Bacon$10.21$11.03$11.50
Big Bacon Double$11.39$12.21$12.68
Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger$10.45$11.27$11.74
Pretzel Bacon Double Cheeseburger$11.86$12.68$13.15
Pretzel Bacon Triple Cheeseburger$13.39$14.21$14.68
Classic Asiago Club$10.92$11.74$12.21
Spicy Asiago Club$10.92$11.74$12.21
Grilled Asiago Club$10.92$11.74$12.21
Pretzel Chicken Sandwich$11.15$11.97$12.44
Pretzel Spicy Chicken Sandwich$11.15$11.97$12.44
Pretzel Grilled Chicken Sandwich$11.15$11.97$12.44
Jalapeno Popper Spicy Chicken$10.92$11.74$12.21
Jalapeno Popper Chicken$10.92$11.74$12.21
Jalapeno Popper Grilled Chicken$10.92$11.74$12.21


For any burgers or Sandwiches on the Wendys Menu please scroll to the bottom to see all customizable options and extras alternatively click here to be taken to the menu.

Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger$7.04
Pretzel Bacon Pub Double$8.45
Pretzel Bacon Pub Triple$9.98
Dave’s Single$5.63
Dave’s Double$7.04
Dave’s Triple$8.57
Son of Baconator$6.69
Big Bacon Classic$6.80
Big Bacon Classic Double$7.98
Big Bacon Classic Triple$9.15
Bacon Double Stack$3.51
Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger$3.16
Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe$2.69
Jr. Cheeseburger$2.34
Double Stack$3.16
Jr. Hamburger$2.10

Chicken, Nuggets & More

For any burgers or Sandwiches please scroll to the bottom to see all customizable options and extras alternatively click here to be taken to the menu.

Spicy Jalapeño Popper Sandwich$7.51
Classic Jalapeño Popper Sandwich$7.51
Grilled Jalapeño Popper Sandwich$7.51
Pretzel Bacon Pub Chicken$7.74
Spicy Pretzel Bacon Pub$7.74
Grilled Pretzel Bacon Pub$7.74
Grilled Pretzel Bacon Pub$7.74
10 PC. Spicy Chicken Nugget$4.69
6 PC. Spicy Chicken Nuggets$2.34
4 PC. Spicy Chicken Nuggets$1.63
Spicy Chicken Sandwich$6.63
Chicken Sandwich$6.63
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$6.63
Asiago Ranch Chicken Club$7.51
Spicy Asiago Ranch Club$7.51
Grilled Asiago Ranch Club$7.51
Crispy Chicken BLT$3.21
Crispy Chicken Sandwich$2.34
10 PC. Crispy Chicken Nuggets$4.69
6 PC. Crispy Chicken Nuggets$2.34
4 PC. Crispy Chicken Nuggets$1.63
Crispy Panko Fish Sandwich$4.92

Fresh-Made Salads

Scroll to the bottom to view salad options or click here.

Jalapeño Popper Salad$8.80
Parmesan Caesar Salad$8.21
Southwest Avocado Salad$8.80
Taco Salad$8.80
Apple Pecan Salad$8.80

Family Deals

2 Spicy Chickens, 2 JBCs & 4 SM Fries$17.63

Wendys Kids Meals

Kids’ 4PC Nuggets$4.69
Kids’ Hamburger$3.87
Kids’ Cheeseburger$4.22

Fries & Sides

Junior Fries$2.10
Small Fries$2.69
Medium Fries$3.04
Large Fries$3.40
Pub Fries$3.40
Baconator Fries$3.51
Chili Cheese Fries$3.51
Small Chilli$2.69
Large Chilli$3.79
Sour Cream and Chive Baked Potato$2.69
Plain Baked Potato$2.57
Bacon Cheese Baked Potato$4.22
Chili & Cheese Baked Potato$4.22
Cheese Baked Potato$3.75
Apple Bites$1.16


Classic Chocolate$1.40$1.90$2.57$3.16


Oatmeal Bar$1.75
Chocolate Chunk Cookie$1.63
Sugar Cookie$1.63


Peach Lemonade$2.81$3.28$3.63
Tropical Berry Lemonade$2.81$3.28$3.63
All-Natural Lemonade$2.81$3.28$3.63
Strawberry Lemonade$2.81$3.28$3.63
Coke Zero$2.46$2.85$3.04
Diet Coke$2.46$2.85$3.04
Dr Pepper$2.46$2.85$3.04
Barqs Root Beer$2.46$2.85$3.04
Iced Tea$2.46$2.85$3.04
Bottled Water$1.75$0$0
Chocolate Milk$1.75$0$0
Decaf Coffee$1.63$0$1.99
Iced Coffee$2.81$0$3.16
Vanilla Frosty-ccino$3.16$0$3.15
Chocolate Frosty-ccino$3.16$0$3.15
Honest Kids Fruit Punch$1.16$0$0
Orange Juice3.36$0$0

Salad Options

Dressing Upgrade: Caesar Dressing$0
Dressing Upgrade: Jalapeño Ranch Dressing$0
Dressing Upgrade: Ranch Dressing$0
Dressing Upgrade: Pomegranate Vinaigrette Dressing$0
Dressing Upgrade: Southwest Ranch Dressing$0
Dressing Upgrade: No Dressing$0
Salad Topping: Avocado$1.53
Salad Topping: Bacon$1.18
Salad Topping: Parmesan Crisps$0
Salad Topping: Sweet Onion$0
Salad Topping: Crispy Jalapeño & Cheddar Crouton Mix$0
Salad Topping: Blue Cheese Crumbles$0.47
Salad Topping: Shredded Cheddar$0.47

Burger Upgrades & Addons

Bun Upgrade: Premium Bun$0
Bun Upgrade: Pretzel Bun$1.18
Bun Upgrade: Sandwich Bun$0
Bun Upgrade: Lettuce$0
Meat Addon: Bacon$1.53
Cheese Addon: Amercian Cheese Slice$0.47
Cheese Addon: Asiago Cheese$0.47
Cheese Addon: Beer Cheese Sauce$0.47
Cheese Addon: Blue Cheese Crumbles$0.47
Cheese Addon: Jalapeno Cream Cheese Spread$0.59
Cheese Addon: Shredded Pepper Jack$0.47
Cheese Addon:  Shredded Cheddar$0.47
Cheese Addon: Muenster Cheese$0.47
Veggies Addon: Avocado$1.53
Veggies Addon: Jalapeno Slices$0.59
Veggies Addon: Lettuce$0
Veggies Addon: Crispy Onions$0.29
Veggies Addon: Sweet Onion$0
Veggies Addon: Pickle$0
Veggies Addon: Tomato$0
Veggies Addon: Spring Mix$0
Sauce Addon: Dill Tartar$0
Sauce Addon: Ketchup$0
Sauce Addon: Mayonnaise$0
Sauce Addon: Mustard$0
Sauce Addon: Ranch Sauce$0
Sauce Addon: Smoky Honey Mustard$0

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